WHO/VCB Swine Flu Emergency

Lockdown or Nationwide Restricted Area

Lockdown or Nationwide Restricted Area within India is something new to us. It’s a known fact that healthcare facilities in India have been hit by the recent swine flu pandemic. However, there has been another element which is now being felt in various health-care facilities in various cities in India. Various medical colleges and institutions have now been affected by this “epidemic”.

The recent epidemic has also seen the first cases of measles in more than 50 years in India. This means that the disease has re-entered the country, albeit under less virulent conditions than what had previously prevailed. The prime minister has declared a nationwide lockdown on various states in India, affecting Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai among other major metropolis cities. The prime minister has also directed all Ministries of Health in India to keep a check on the rising number of new cases of dengue and measles.

six new cases of measles

As per the latest communique from the Ministry of Health in India, one of the six new cases of measles was reported from Auckland, New Zealand. The news of the occurrence came at a time when the country was seeing a rise in dengue and measles cases. With regard to the recent outbreak in Auckland, the Ministry of Health in India has reminded the population of the precautions that need to be taken during outbreaks of these diseases. A similar alert has also been issued for all Ministries of Health in New Zealand. So, the spread of dengue and measles may be putting New Zealanders at risk of contracting these diseases.

With regard to the auckland outbreak, the prime minister has declared a nationwide lockdown on all hospitals in New Zealand and has also asked the public health service staff to voluntarily close their respective offices. The hospitals in Auckland have however notified the chief medical officer that all departmental contacts will now be closed. The chief medical officer has also asked all Ministries of Health in New Zealand to keep everyone advised of the outbreak through updated daily communiques. The nationwide lockout has affected the international travel capacity of the country’s hospitals. This includes all but one hospital in Christchurch, which is located in the north island.

the nationwide quarantine is in effect

While the nationwide quarantine is in effect, the chief medical officer has requested that all medical staff and hospitals in New Zealand remain alert for any potential outbreaks of the pandemic. In addition, the minister has also requested that all travelling people should consult their airlines about their travel plans and to inform the ministry of their itinerary, with particular reference to the four cities – Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington and Christchurch. For travellers, this means that they should not leave their home countries to travel to these four cities. The Ministry of Health in India has also issued similar directions for citizens of other countries, advising them to contact their government authorities to report any new symptoms of the pandemic. Similarly, the pandemic influenza protocol is being implemented for travellers to enter the country.

In a related development on 7 August, the chief ministers of the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat met to discuss measures to combat the spread of the H1N1 swine flu. The prime minister of India was informed of this meeting in detail and is in regular touch with his premiers and chief ministers. The prime minister has also requested all states to take immediate action. The nationwide Lockdowns are expected to last up till 28 August. The prime minister has requested all Indian flights to continue running while the virus is under control.

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