The History Of Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords

The samurai swords were one of Japan’s most well-known weapons of that period. They were known to be very deadly with a katana being a mix of steel and fibreglass. The samurai warriors would use their Samurai Swords to perform many different tasks throughout Japan from battle to trade. This article reveals some more interesting facts on the Japanese katana and its famous double blade counterpart, the katana sword.

In the year six hundred AD, the world war ii occurred and Japan became an Allied nation alongside the United States. During the war, the United States Army purchased a substantial number of samurai swords from a wealthy Japanese collector. The swords were to be used in the eventual defense of Japan against an impending attack from the Japanese army. However, instead of using them they took them back to Japan to use them for ceremonial purposes. Many of these swords are still in good condition in museums all over the world. There is also an additional unit, the Shodenkahana, that was formed to preserve the swords and their history.

medieval times

During the early medieval times, when Japan was being ruled by feudal lords, there was much bloodshed and the creation of numerous weapons to be used during battle. In fact, the Samurai Sword was created to answer this demand. These Samurai Swords were forged from Japanese steel and were primarily used in battles. It wasn’t until the nineteenth century, when Japan went to war with Russia that the use of katana began.

During the early days, a single blade was used in Samurai Swords. However, as time passed, two edged swords were created and started to be used as well. The two blades were generally separated by an area of just a few centimeters. As the years went on, the use of a katana blade became commonplace, particularly in western Japan where it became known as a katana, (the word comes from the Japanese words ” Katana” and ” Sword”). This type of sword is very popular in modern Japan where many people own them.

Japan’s katana

With regards to the Katana, there are many versions from different regions of Japan. Some of the more common versions are the Sanchin, the Washi, and the Kohaku. The Sanchin, which is the simpler of the Japanese swords, is said to be the first true katana as it was created during the seventh century. Its edge is tapered and curved, while the Washi, the more commonly used katana, has a diamond cutting edge.

Despite the Samurai Swords incredible reputation, it didn’t last forever. During World War II, the US Military used them against the Japanese. After the destruction of their cities and heavy losses to the enemy, the Japanese surrendered and Japan officially entered the Second World War. Because of this, many of Japan’s katana were outdated and they were not able to be used in battle. This led to the use of various antique Samurai Swords that were passed down from one generation to the next.

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