Eye Contaminants

It is recommended that you never use someone else’s contact lenses when you first get them. Some people become tempted to simply throw their contacts away or break the seal between the two lenses and start wearing them right away. However, this is a very dangerous course of action.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for using someone else’s lenses:

Do: Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contacts. Do not: Wear contact lenses that have not been cleaned. Don’t: Use tap water to soak your lenses. Don’t: Put them in a swimming pool. DO: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water right before touching your eyes.

Don’t: Don’t touch your eyes with your fingers. Doing so will transfer bacteria from your fingers to your eyes. Don’t: Don’t share your contact lenses with other people. You will want to get your eyes healthy before introducing anyone else to them.

Do: Follow the guidelines for the type of cleaning your eye doctor has prescribed for you. If he or she has advised you to gently wash your hands and rinse with cool tap water prior to handling your contact lenses, then follow this recommendation. If you have been instructed to shower prior to wearing contacts, then do so.


Don’t use the same contact lens case for longer than one week. Always remove your contact lenses before showering or swimming. You can also discard the case at night. Don’t: Place the contact lenses in the rinse portion of your dishwasher. This may lead to irritation of the eyes.

When it comes to wearing your contact lenses, follow these guidelines closely. They will help you to keep your eyes healthy and your contact lenses clean. To avoid problems, you should see an eye care professional for a thorough exam. In addition, you should inform your primary care doctor if you plan to take any medications, such as antibiotics, within the course of one week of beginning to wear your lenses. Doing so will help you to prevent any problems that may arise from having foreign objects in your eyes.

Don’t: Keep your contact lenses in your mouth for longer than is recommended. This can easily lead to infection. Keep your eyes shut, flush them with water whenever possible, and try to avoid rubbing your eyes with hands, cotton swabs or toilet paper. The materials can irritate your eyes and lead to irritation. Also, don’t hold your breath whilst you’re cleaning your eyes.


Use the proper type of contact lenses. Contact Lenses with disinfectant properties are preferable to regular ones because they help to avoid infections. It’s best to wear a new lens case after every wear, especially if you frequently wear antibiotic ointments or antibiotics. If you frequently wear disposable lenses, then dispose of the old lens case and purchase a new one, and then recycle the old one.

Don’t: Don’t put your contact lenses in your eyes. If you need to sleep with the lenses in your eyes, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. If you wash your hands then there is a chance that you can transfer the bacteria from your hands to the lens case and then into your eyes. You also run a greater chance of developing an infection from scratching your eyes.

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